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The Heart of Huntington, NY

Welcome to
Huntington Village

Business Improvement District


ABOUT the bid

est. 1999

The Huntington Village Business Improvement District (BID) is a non-profit organization of property owners, businesses, residents, and government officials working to improve Huntington Village’s quality of life and promote its economic and cultural vitality.

The Huntington Village BID has played a key role in maintaining a clean, safe and inviting environment. With significant investments in public safety, community events, marketing and advocacy, we continually strive to enhance Huntington Village’s position as Long Island's unique destination.


of the village

Beautification through seasonal plantings, landscape maintenance, audible and visual holiday decorating of the Village area.


Maintenance, and monitoring of security cameras installed throughout Huntington Village to improve safety and security within the Village.

& safety

Utilize newsletters, advertising and seminars to inform the public about new and improved conditions, products, services and events in Huntington Village.

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